Parallel coordinates plot of a set of selected configurations. Each line in the plot represents a configuration. By default, the final elite configurations are shown. To visualize configurations of other iterations these must be provided setting the argument iterations, configurations of different iterations are shown in different colors. Setting the only_elites argument to FALSE displays all configurations in the selected iterations, specific configurations can be selected providing their ids in the id_configuration argument.

  id_configurations = NULL,
  param_names = NULL,
  iterations = NULL,
  only_elite = TRUE,
  by_n_param = NULL,
  color_by_instances = TRUE,
  filename = NULL



The data generated when loading the .Rdata file created by irace (or the filename of that file).


Configuration ids to be included in the plot. Example: c(20,50,100,300,500,600,700)


(character()) Parameters to be included in the plot. Example: c("algorithm","alpha","rho","q0","rasrank").


Numeric vector, iteration number that should be included in the plot (example: iterations = c(1,4,5))


logical (default TRUE), only print elite configurations (argument ignored when id_configurations is provided)


Numeric (optional), maximum number of parameters to be displayed.


Logical (default TRUE), choose how to color the lines. TRUE shows the number of instances evaluated by the configuration in the colores. FALSE to show the iteration number where the configuration was sampled.


(character(1)) File name to save the plot, for example "~/path/example/filename.png".


parallel coordinates plot


The parameters to be included in the plot can be selected with the param_names argument. Additionally, the maximum number of parameters to be displayed in one plot. A list of plots is returned by this function if several plots are required to display the selected data.

To export the plot to a file, it is possible to do it so manually using the functionality provided by plotly in the plot. If a filename is provided, an orca server will be used to export the plots and thus, it requires the library to be installed (


iraceResults <- read_logfile(system.file(package="irace", "exdata",
                                         "irace-acotsp.Rdata", mustWork = TRUE))
# \donttest{ parallel_coord(iraceResults, by_n_param = 5) #> [[1]] #> #> [[2]] #> parallel_coord(iraceResults, only_elite = FALSE)
parallel_coord(iraceResults, id_configurations = c(20, 30, 40, 50, 100))
parallel_coord(iraceResults, param_names = c("algorithm", "alpha", "rho", "q0", "rasrank"))
parallel_coord(iraceResults, iterations = c(1, 4, 6))
# }